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Whether in business for a long time or just starting out developing and maintaining a database system can be overwhelming.  There are so many options and many are geared for much larger businesses.  Let us do the research and development for you.  No matter if you are a medical office or a cafe, we can find the right software and database to match your needs and will grow with you.
At HM Productions, we believe in taking a customized approach to each clients unique needs.  We understand that while small businesses are the life's blood of our economy, they also do not have the large budgets to afford the average training programs offered to businesses.  Let us help in resolving your basic business needs, including:

A key ingredient to growth is marketing and promotion.  We will tailor a marketing plan to your budget that will help you reach your break even more efficiently and then prepare you for growth.  Can't figure out what size advertising campaign you need, how to get magazine reviews, or if simple flyers are your best option?  Sit down with us and take the mystery out of developing a precise, yet flexible marketing plan.
For any business your most important resource is your staff.  When you take the time to select the right people and train them correctly, you not only create a great work environment, but you save both time and money.  Let us help you develop sound human resource management policies, write up your employee handbook and create a training program that meets both your needs and your budget.  Additionally, we can take the guess work out of developing a benefits package that meets your company's needs. 
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